Haute Galleria is focused on creating fully customized furniture pieces, manufactured by Mexican Artisans with a unique style and the highest quality standards, along with personalized art, curtains and decoration. Our team of Interior Designers are ready to give you their expert advice.

Our top priority is our customers. We want each space to have its own identity, offering designs that reflect our client's personality.

A custom designed piece means much more than just picking a model and fabric, it requires advice to materialize what you have in mind, inspired by your own lifestyle. The resulting space is uniquely created by and for you.

Haute Galleria opened its doors in Los Cabos on February of 2014. The vision is to introduce custom built high quality furniture to fulfill the needs and styles of our clients. At the same time, we bring world class furniture brands to Los Cabos.

Los Cabos is in constant growth and so grows Haute Galleria, offering an ever expanding options for the residential, hotel and commercial markets in our region.

The word HAUTE is french for "high" or "elevated" and it is pronounced "hout". It refers to concepts such as "highly elegant", "high class" or "luxurious".


Mexican Entrepreneur, founder of Haute Galleria. Graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, with a Major in Set Production at the CES in Madrid, Spain and other Studios at Université Jean Monet, France. Jazz saw the opportunity to innovate with a furniture concept that allows the expression of diverse personalities in Los Cabos, an area of constant growth.

In 2014 she partnered up with a family owned factory in Guadalajara, that brings over 40 years of experience in furniture making. Jazz opened up Haute Galleria joined by a talented team of artisan builders, interior designers and internationally renowned local artists.

"I felt the need to open a unique place where people could find everything they need to create the perfect space. We always keep in mind that Interior Design should not impose a style, but capture and reflect the identity of each person."