Camerich is a global, high end furniture brand. Established in Mexico since 2010, Camerich has launched a simple, contemporary style, with a rich variety of product. The Camerich collection is the finest elite option for people with unique taste and who constantly seek a superior lifestyle.

From design to material selection and in every stage of production, Camerich observes a most strict protocol of quality control in every detail. The unique elegance of each Camerich piece of furniture comes from a rigorous quest for artisanship.

Camerich now offers over 100 types of products in four categories, including living room, bedroom, studio and dining room. Their powerful international design team launches new products for each season, based on consumer demand and fashion trends. Camerich is a trend setter and a widely recognized top designer in the furniture industry.

With presence in 60 countries, Camerich has now come to Los Cabos, forming an alliance with Haute Galleria in Cabo San Lucas, where you will find pieces with their brand, and experience the details and finishings in all the options offered by their collections.